The essential summer products / Τα απαραίτητα καλοκαιρινά προιόντα

Summer is right here. The sun, the beach, pools are now our every day schedule. The heat and the high temperatures make some summer products essential. So here we will find these products that we absolutely need in the summer. So let's start.

1)Sunscreen. It's the number 1 essential. Not only now that we have summer but generally we should wear sunscreen every day! This products helps your skin stay young and not sunburn. Also this moisturize your skin because summer needs extra moisturise. Just put sunscreen all over your skin and apply more than one when you go to the beach.

2)Exfoliate cream. I think that this is an essential for the whole year. The reason that I write it here is because you show some more skin in the summer, so you got to take away the dead skin. I do it when
I shave my legs and I have noticed that this makes my skin even softer.

3)After sun cream. Most of us, if not all, want a bronze skin, a sunkissed chocolate skin and will be hours under the sun to achieve it. The problem is that no matter how much sunscreen we will put we will maybe sunburn a little. And here helps the after sun cream. This cream a) moisturize your skin b) prevends the damage that your skin will face after sun and c) protects the bronze color that you already have.

Which are your summer essentials? Tell me in the comments.
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