Fashion / Μόδα

Some of my Outfits / Μερικές από τις εμφανίσεις μου

I want to share with some of the inspirations that I have and maybe I will be an inspiration for you. So let's more

3 ways to pair your jeans / 3 τρόποι για να ταιριάξετε το τζιν σας 

There are a lot of times that you want to wear something really simple and comfy like jeans, but you don't want at the same time to be not in fashion. So here we are sharing with you 3 outfits that you can wear with your more

4 DIY costumes

So Halloween is here. You there in America (because here in Greece we are wearing costumes around February) are looking for some DIY/last minute costumes. If you lucky and you have a friend,whos job clothes can be used as costumes you are good. But if every year you are saying that you will find a different costume and you always wear just a hat then this blog is for you! more

How can you take your outfit to the next level / Πως θα απογειωθεί το στυλ σου

When you wear a simple t-shirt and a pair of jeans because you are bored and you don't have the time to look for something more "stylish" you wish there was a simple thing that could change your whole outfit. Now with the tips that we will give you, you will see that one thing that will take your outfit to the next more

The not so beachy waves hairstyle / Το χτένισμα not so beachy waves

All this time we learned how to master the beach waves. The sprays that we have to use, the natural ways to do them and how the Victoria Secret models have made beach waves look the most sexy hairstyle ever. We tried once and twice until we got to the time that we could (not so easily) make these beach waves. All these now are gone. The not so beachy waves are here and we should learn all the tips and the stuff that we need to master this. So let's do it girl! more

Refresh your wardrobe / Ανανέωση γκαρνταρόμπας

A new school year begins. It doesn't matter if you are starting your college life or go back to your work. When we return from vacations it's like "new year's revolutions" that makes us take some decisions about us. The decision that i used to make the last year's is that i will finally start taking care more of myself. Although in the middle of the October i was wearing again running more

How to look slimmer with your clothes / Πως να φαίνεσαι λεπτότερη με τα ρούχα σου

All of us want to copy the looks of models, thinking that we will look like then. The truth is although that we don't have their body so we can't wear them. Hopefully we can, with some tricks to make ourselves look slimmer. If you want to look slimmer keep more

How to choose the perfect swimsuit / Πως να επιλέξω το κατάλληλο μαγιό για εμένα

And this is the time of the year that we should choose the swimsuit. While we are searching for the swimsuit that is perfect for us we can forward some weeks later when we will swim in a magical beach or in a island or at least in a pool.( If we haven't enough money for vacations). Then you will be able to keep up a little at work or at school until that time comes. What we should know before choosing the perfect swimsuit for us? more

The basic's list/Τα κλασσικά κομμάτια

All of us girls try to keep up with the latest trends to know what should we more

Outfits for guests in a wedding/Εμφανίσεις για τους καλεσμένους σε γάμο

The summer we have the most wedding invitations. And the last week because we don't know what to wear we buy something so simple and not in more

Dress up for an interview / Πως να ντυθείς για την συνέντευξη 

After many times you applied for a job and they never called you, finally someone wants to see more