4 DIY costumes

So Halloween is here. You there in America (because here in Greece we are wearing costumes around February) are looking for some DIY/last minute costumes. If you lucky and you have a friend,whos job clothes can be used as costumes you are good. But if every year you are saying that you will find a different costume and you always wear just a hat then this blog is for you!

1)Take a red dress. Stick some black dots(Try to take something that will stick the dots for at least 1 day). And now you are officially a sexy ladybug. Pair it with some red stilettos and you will be even sexier.

2)Something that I myself made last year is sooooo confy. Wear some sweet pajamas and take a pillow with you. You are sleepy.

3)She is a style icon. Do you remember a girl that had boob circlue cutouts in asimple white t-shirt? Oh yes. It's Regina George.

4)Be prengant. Put a pillow in your stomach and you are ready. Just like Kim Kardashian's party was about.


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